Recipe Warm Up

Taking a moment here at Musette HQ to gear ourselves up for the marathon that is the Le Tour de France Cook Along.

Unlike Gabriel Gaté over at Le Taste Le Tour I do not have a team working with me to source recipes, create recipes and track down hard to find ingredients. Everything you see here at Musette happens in my own humble kitchen using recipes I have either found or created and bought to life step-by-step for you at home. It is probably interesting to know while I don’t speak French, a lot of the traditional recipes I dig up are often written in French, meaning some often hilarious sessions with the Google Translator before they make it to you!

Anyway, with 8 weeks today until Le Tour kicks off I thought it was time I flexed my brain and started thinking about what I will bring you over the coming weeks – and what better way to do it than with coffee and cake!

This year I will be kicking off early with a Recipe Warm Up. A few recipes coming your way to get myself ready for the Cook Along. Stay tuned for few fun recipes coming you way – not always French, but always delicious. I’ll be starting off this week with my super easy show stopping Gin and Tonic Panna cotta which brings together two of my favourite things on the planet – Gin and Dessert! I am also going to try my hand at some video recipes. Crazy right? I know. But everyone else is doing them so why not!

Wish me luck, and until then…


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