Drunken Broth …

Gabure Bigourdane...
Gabure Bigourdane…

Okay, this one is pretty rustic.  Described as traditional ‘peasant food’ a Gabure Bigourdane is a hearty, meaty, soupy casserole typical of the region of Gascony.

According to Regions of France the word ‘gabure’  simply means ‘made with lots of different vegetables’ and that is exactly what this dish is.  Typically, the recipe will vary from village to village and with the seasons but the core ingredients are always the same: green cabbage, beans and duck.

This dish really comes into its own when cooked long and slow, and as with most dishes like this it is always better the next day.  Traditionally, a Gabure would have always been on the hearth in Gascony households of last century, being eaten from and added to each day as the flavours intensified and developed as the casserole continued cooking.

But what makes it a ‘drunken broth’ you say?  Ah, well you’ll need to read on here!

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