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My Cook Along journey commenced 6 (wow!) years ago in 2013!

Over the years I have cooked some really lovely recipes.  Some that are great just as a personal challenge (Kougi Amann) and others that have wiggled their way into our regular family repertoire like Ravioles du Royans.

See below for recipes from previous editions of my ‘Cook Along’ journey.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!


Baking/Sweet Recipes

Pain d’epices (Honey Spice Cake)

Chocolate Soufflé


Classic Chocolate Mousse

Kouign Amann

Fondant aux Pommes Vanilées

Le gâteau battu picardie

Amiens Macarons

Tarte de Cambrai

Flemish Yeast Dough Tart with Summer Strawberries

Zeeuwse Bolus (Dutch Cinnamon Rolls)

Gevulde Koeken (Dutch Almond Biscuits)

Walnut Tart from Périgord (Tarte aux noix du Périgueux)

Créme Catalane

Bugnes Saint-Etienne (Doughnuts of Saint-Étienne)

Schneckekueche Gâteau

Macaron de Nancy

Fraisier with Roses de Reims Biscuits and Champagne Jelly

Gaufres de Lille (Lille Waffles)

Yorkshire Parkin

Roasted Rhubarb and Vanilla Crumble with Vanilla Bean Custard

Rolled Savoy Sponge with Blueberries

Apricot Ice Cream with Caramelised Almonds

Poached Pears with Strawberry and Sparkling Vouvray Sauce

Nougat Cake from Tours

Crunchy almond biscuits of Cordes

Cherry fruit salad with Languedoc brandy

Corsican Cheesecake



Soupe au Pistou – Fresh Vegetable Soup

French Onion Soup with Gruyére (Soupe à l’oignon française au gruyère)

Gabure Bigourdane (Drunken Broth)


Cheese and Vegetables

Potato Gratin with Reblochon

Lyonnais cheese dip with herbs

Ratatouille with Lemon Chantilly

Ravioles du Royans


Meat and Poultry

Beef Fillet with Périgord Sauce

Poulet Basquaise

La Pistache Luchonnaise

Canard a la Lorraine (Duck Lorraine)

Carbonades flamandes traditionnelles (Traditional Carbonade Flamande)

Steak and Ale Pie with Traditional Mushy Peas

Poached Beef with Spring Vegetables

Feuilleté Comtois au Jambon (Pastry with Comté Cheese and Smoked Ham)

Roast Saddle of Lamb with Herb Butter

Roast Lamb with Flageolets

Roast Duck Legs with Prunes

Chicken Marengo

Snails with Herb and Walnut Butter


Fish and Seafood

Nimes Brandade de Morue

Cucumber and Smoked Trout Terrine

Yabby Turnovers with Truffle

Brittany Fish Stew

Baked Gurnard with Fennel Puree

Corsican Crayfish Linguine