Unofficial rest day…and a bit of history!

So, my lesson of the day is to read your recipes ahead of time – planning is everything.  Today I was to bring you a recipe harking back to the days of Catherine de Medici – the Amiens Macaron.

It is said that Catherine de Medici’s cook brought the recipe for these treats with her from Italy in 1533 when Catherine travelled from Italy to marry the Duc d’Orleans, who later went on to become the King of France (Henry III) in 1547 –  long before the invention of the modern day double decker macarons we know today.

The recipe is simple – the only snag being the 6 – 8 hours resting time it requires!  I am not sure as to the reason but who am I to argue with the cook of a woman sometimes described as the most powerful woman in sixteenth-century Europe!

So, while the dough rests in my fridge, put your feet up and watch Le Tour de France.  Then tune back in tomorrow night to see how my Amiens Macarons turn out!

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