2014 Recipes

Welcome!  Here you will find the links for the recipes I have selected for the 2014  Tour de France ‘Dish a Day’ Challenge.  Day by day each link will become active, bringing to you my selected regional specialties from both England and France.  These dishes will be either traditional recipes of the regions visited on the particular race day or they will use ingredients irrevocably linked to the areas visited (Reims for Champagne anyone?)

I hope you enjoy watching as the recipes unfold and if I can motivate you to give one a go, all the better!

Stage 1: Roasted Rhubarb Crumble with Vanilla and Almonds (and Vanilla Bean Custard)

Stage 2: Yorkshire Parkin

Stage 3: Traditional Steak and Ale Pie with Mushy Peas and Treacle Tart (for afters)

Stage 4: Lille Waffles (Gaufres de Lille)

Stage 5: Traditional Carbonade Flamande (Carbonades flamandes traditionnelles)

Stage 6: Strawberry Sponge Cakes with Reims Rose Biscuits and Champagne Jelly (Fraisier aux biscuits roses de Reims)

Stage 7: Traditional Nancy Macaron (Macaron de Nancy)

Stage 8: Soufflé with Munster cheese and Cumin (Soufflé au Munster et au cumin)

Stage 9: Snail Cake (Schneckekueche Gateau)

Stage 10: Duck Lorraine (Canard a la Lorraine)

Stage 11: Smoked Ham and Comté Pastry (Feuilleté Comtois au Jambon)

Stage 12: Doughnuts (Bugnes)

Stage 13: Ravioli Royans (Ravioles du Royans)

Stage 14: Créme Catalane

Stage 15: Nimes Brandade of Cod (Brandade de Morue de Nîmes)

Stage 16: Luchonnaise pistachio (Pistache Luchonnaise)

Stage 17: Basque Chicken (Poulet Basquaise)

Stage 18: Duck and Cabbage Soup (Garbure Bigourdane)

Stage 19: Beef Fillet with Périgord Sauce and Truffles (Filet de boeuf avec Périgueux sauce)

Stage 20: Walnut Cake from Périgord (Tarte aux noix du Périgueux)

Stage 21: French Onion Soup with Gruyére (Soupe à l’oignon française au gruyère)

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