Did someone say ‘Doughnuts’?

Bugnes Saint-Étienne
Bugnes Saint-Étienne

Aaah, Stage 12 and Saint-Étienne!  Thank you for having your own regional doughnut recipe!

While the French word beignet simply refers to all types of doughnuts, the term Bugnes is reserved for these particular delicacies, originally conceived in the Duchy of Savoie, and more specifically around the areas of the Lyon, Rhône valley, Saint-Étienne and Franche-Comté. 

While the basic concept for this dish dates back to early Roman times, traditionally these Bugnes were offered for sale in the offal shops of Saint-Étienne just before Mardi Gras to offer the people of Saint-Etienne one last ‘culinary joy’ before Lent; and to make the most of the days before the meat business grew quiet.  Housewives would also whip up a batch or two prior to Lent in an effort to use up any left over oil which also could not be used during Lent. 

And so, thanks to religious tradition we have the Bugnes.  Tonight I bring you the plump and fluffy version native to Saint-Étienne.  Click on over to musette du jour and unleash your inner Homer Simpson!

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