Simply delicious…Créme Catalane

You know you want this!
You know you want this!

Stage 14 takes us from Grenoble to Risoul in another mammoth mountain task for the riders in the Tour.

For Stage 14 I bring you a dessert heavily influenced by the Spanish dish Creme Catalana, and if I am completely honest, a dish that is probably a little more representative of regions just a little further south!

In Risoul and surrounds, you would be more likely to find Crème brûlée à l’orange, a similar yet different dessert cooked in the traditional French manner of a water bath and made with heavy cream.  Créme Catalane is still a French dessert, however spiced with cinnamon and infused with citrus (orange, lemon or combination of both).  This recipe does not require a water bath and only needs to be chilled in the fridge, before setting upon it with sugar and a blowtorch…

Come on over to musette du jour and have some pyrotechnic fun with this easy and delicious dish!

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