Welcome back to the Baking Edition of the Tour de France ‘Dish a Day’ challenge

Mmmm, delicious!
Mmmm, delicious!

Well, just as the last rider zooms home in the Stage 1 Time Trial (and Aussie Rohan Dennis gets ready to try on the Yellow jersey!) the Musette du Jour ‘Dish a Day’ challenge kicks off for 2015.

This year we are changing things up with a sweeter journey alongside the 2015 Tour de France – The Baking Edition.

Starting in Utrecht we’ll be baking our way through the Dutch countryside, with a brief sojourn through Belgium before heading into France – baking all the way.

Enjoy this year’s recipes – starting with Gevulde Koeken from Holland.  A delicious pastry biscuit enclosing a sweet and zesty almond filling, they are a morish mouthful that will keep you going back for more.

Until tomorrow,


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