A little French Onion Soup to ease weary minds…

Ready to eat!  Mmmmm!
Ready to eat! Mmmmm!

Ahhh Paris.  Who has not visited Paris and indulged in a little French Onion Soup, garnished with melting, oozing Gruyère cheese and crusty baguette?  It is said that French Onion Soup came into being as a way for the early morning market vendors to warm their hands during the chilly early hours of market day.  Whatever the reason for its invention, it is a hearty, soul warming brew that can rid the world of all ills.

Don’t leave this delicious dish to the streets of Paris.  Recreate it at home.  Its simplicity will surprise you, its taste will reward your tears (you will cry – there are nine onions to be chopped!), and you will once again walk those rain slicked streets of the City of LIghts…

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