Coming up tonight: Ratatouille with lemon chantilly

Ratatouille with Lemon chantilly (SBS Taste le Tour)
Ratatouille with Lemon chantilly (SBS Taste le Tour)

Okay, so last night Gabriel took us on a tour of Nice;  home of the mesclun lettuce and nicoise salad.  We toured  farmers markets  laden with gorgeous produce,  olive oil farms and were introduced to the mouth-watering street food Socca.

I’ve highlighted the link, because if you were interested in giving a recipe for Socca a go at home, like me, you would have been a tiny bit disappointed because the showcase recipe for Nice is not Socca, but Ratatouille with lemon chantilly.

However, I am sure this is going to be a great recipe in its own right (although I am a bit dubious about the lemon chantilly combination).   In the spirit of the project I am going to give it a go tonight and perhaps knock up some Socca later in the week when (if) I find a spare moment.

Tune in later this evening to see how it went…

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  1. Lara says:

    Sounds amazing, Mads! My oven baked chicken tenders are looking a little lacklustre right now. Hope it went well!

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