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Heads up on the upcoming dishes on the Taste le Tour Challenge

Rolled Savoy Sponge with Blueberries

Rolled Savoy Sponge with Blueberries

Rolled Savoy Sponge with Blueberries

Oh dear!  I am dead on my feet tonight, but not to fear … only 3 more days of le Tour to go.  It has gone so fast…I am beginning to think about what comes next for the ‘Dish a Day’ challenge, but more on that later!

For tonight we have a Rolled Savoy Sponge with Blueberries.  It looks great and tastes even better.  Definitely a recipe to try out for something special (or just because!).

Dont forget to check back tomorrow for the Potato and Reblochon Cheese Gratin … mmm, this one will suit the rainy Melbourne weekend we are experiencing!


Yabbies and truffles

What a tasty morsel...

What a tasty morsel…

It’s late, and I’ve been sitting here watching the Tour riders dice with disaster as they careen down the decline of the Alpe d’Huez.  Whoever called that a road was being outstandingly generous … !

Today we taste tested Gabriel Gaté’s recipe for Yabby Turnovers with Truffle.  It was so good.  Simple flavours, cooked to perfection for maximum taste. Again, I am reminded that it  really is the simple things that taste the best!  Check out how I did it here!

See you tomorrow for Savoy Sponge Roll with Blueberries!

Roast Saddle of Lamb with Herb Stuffing

Tender, juicy and full of flavour...

Tender, juicy and full of flavour…

Here is a quick and easy lamb roast recipe that is jam packed full of flavour.  This recipe from Gabriel Gaté is tender, juicy and really showcases fresh herby flavours with the delicious lamb loin as the showstopper.

Lamb roast in under an hour – check out the recipe and try it at home!

Until tomorrow…when we taste test Yabby Turnovers with Truffle (YUM!)


Reward for the patient…Apricot ice cream with caramelised almonds

Mmmm, time to stop typing and start eating!

Mmmm, time to stop typing and start eating!

Ice cream!  Yum! Fabulously easy recipe for Apricot Ice cream and Caramelised Almonds is done, completed and eaten!

Seriously, this is a very easy recipe for home made ice cream.  If apricots are not your thing, have a go and substitute whichever fruit you like.  It is fun, fresh and easy…what more can I say?

Tomorrow it’s herbed saddle of lamb … perhaps with some apricot ice cream for dessert! Come back and visit!

Teaser for tomorrow…

Caramelised almonds...desperately seeking ice cream.

Caramelised almonds…desperately seeking ice cream.

Well, technically speaking tonight’s dish is Apricot ice-cream with caramelised almonds.  Sounds yum, doesn’t it?  Anyway, as you might know making ice-cream is a bit of a process and …okay, I’ll just be honest; I forgot to freeze the bowl of my ice-cream attachment on the Kitchenaid …which means I can’t whip my ice cream mix for 24 hours!  How I wish I had one of those fangled electric compressor ice cream makers that don’t need to be prefrozen…

So, while it is a rest day on le Tour, I am going to tackle this recipe as a two stage process.  Tonight I have made the apricot mixture and the caramelised almonds.  Tomorrow, I’ll whip it up and stick it in the freezer to ripen (that’s the technical term!) and tomorrow night I’ll be ready to share the fabulous recipe, pictures and the taste test verdict.

Just to whet your appetite, here is a pic of the lovely oven roasted caramel almonds just before I chopped them up tonight (and taste tested a few for good measure)!  Mmmmm, I think this one is going to be good!  Stay tuned intrepid travellers …

Lyonnais Cheese Dip

Lyonnais Cheese Dip with Herbs

Lyonnais Cheese Dip with Herbs

Well, this recipe in French is called cervelle de canut which literally translates to ‘Silk worker’s brain’.  Sounds appetising doesn’t it?  Find out why and how to make it here…  (it’s okay, there’s no real brains involved in this one, believe me!)

Roast Lamb with Flageolets

Lamb roast with flageolets

Lamb roast with flageolets

Okay, here’s the roast lamb recipe for your eating pleasure.  I’m a bit under the weather today, so this post will be short and sweet.  Check out the recipe here and don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see how we go with the Nougat Cake that Gabriel Gaté featured on tonight’s episode of Taste le Tour.

Until tomorrow…