Get your snail on…


Yep, you heard right.  Tonight it was snails.  With herb and walnut butter, no less.  I have cooked.  I have conquered.  But alas, I chickened out at the tasting.  Perhaps if I hadn’t also been the one who had to prepare them, I might have been game to give them ago…

Many thanks to James and Nicola for stepping up to the tasting plate on this one. I am assured the recipe rates a 9 out of 10 for those partial to snails.  Check out the recipe here (even if you are not ever going to eat them, the recipe has some cool pictures and interesting info).


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  1. Louise says:

    Wow Madelyn – I think you should get a bravery award for cooking this one!

  2. madelyn2013 says:

    Yep…it was an experience. Perhaps if I had not seen them in all their cold unadulterated glory I would have had a try, but oh well. Next time I am in a fancy French restaurant…

  3. nicolalouisemorgan says:

    As an Official Guest Taster, I can confirm that you’re missing out here Madelyn – they were delicious. Garlicky, buttery, everything they should be. My only quibble was that they were very very rich – but I think that’s kind of the point of French food!

    I am at completely at your disposal for further tasting duties…

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