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Saddle Up with Musette for the Tour de France 2017…

Okay, so I think those of you following this blog may have noticed that I have struggled a little in recent years to complete the challenge of cooking along with the 21 days of the world’s premier cycling road race.

As some background for you, I started this blog a few years ago now in 2013 when I was spending my time at home with a young family.  For the last three years I have been back in the full-time workforce, making it a little harder at the end of the day to whip up a storm cooking fabulous French food.  My problem is though that I really enjoy it.  People I meet ask me about it, friends anticipate the kick off, and my husband goes into training for his taste testing duties… what am I to do?

This year I have decided to take a more relaxed approach.  Instead of cooking daily, I will aim to bring you a couple of recipes each week that speak to my heart (and ideally come from the regions visited by the Tour).  For 2017, I am particularly looking forward to bringing you a recipe for the quite poetically named ‘Crying lamb’ from the Alps regionand from Germany (where we kick off this year) a recipe for Butterkuchen. 

I will be commencing my cooking for this years Tour from the heights of Mount Hotham in Victoria, Australia where I will be visiting the ski slopes with friends along with my sister and brother-in-law’s family.  My brother-in-law’s mother, Hilda, would traditionally bake Butterkuchen for all our family gatherings, she was known for it, loved for it and it is one of the many things my nieces miss about her now that she is gone.  I think it is only fitting that I choose this recipe, based on a scone dough  with a buttery almond topping, to represent Germany as I kick off the Tour de France Cook Along for 2017 and share time in Hilda’s ski lodge with the family she loved…

Stay tuned – we kick off on the 2nd July!



Beef Fillet with Périgord Sauce

Truffles make their appearance in Beef Fillet with Périgueux Sauce

Truffles make their appearance in Beef Fillet with Périgueux (Périgord) Sauce

According to Epicurean, this dish is a gastronomic delight.  Périgueux (Périgord) sauce is a famous symbol of Aquitaine gastronomy and, since it is made almost exclusively from truffles it is a very special dish that is not to be missed!  Enough said, I think!  C’mon over and cook it with me!

Just like Tony Martin on the time trial …

Truffles make their appearance in Beef Fillet with Périgueux Sauce

Truffles make their appearance in Beef Fillet with Périgueux Sauce

There will be a last minute flurry of posts for you tomorrow! A little medical emergency interrupted the cooking yesterday and although we are back on track today, I’m a little behind on the write ups!  Join me tomorrow for Roast Beef with a White Wine and Truffle sauce, a lovely Walnut Tart, and French Onion Soup!


Okay, time to strap in!

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Where did the last month go?  We’ve had the World Cup, Wimbledon and suddenly it seems we find ourselves on the eve of the Great Race.  It seems that for some, too much sport is never enough!  Oh well, at least I can cook my way through this one!  Are you prepared to embark on the culinary journey that is the Tour de France?

I have been busily reviewing and tweaking my list of recipes to bring you over the next 20 odd days of cycling’s oldest and some might say, grandest Tour, but now it seems it is time to commit.  No more dithering as to whether I should bring you the Steak and Ale Pie from Old Blighty or the Treacle Tart – I’ll just do both!

So, if you are not up with it already, we begin this year’s race with a brief foray into the depths of England with the starters gun (do they even use one of those?) set to ring out across the countryside of Leeds.  From Leeds we zoom past Mother Shipton’s Cave to Harrogate,  and then to Sheffield via York and finally bidding England farewell in London before it is off to enjoy the delights of Lille with a little Gaufres de Lille (Waffles of Lille).

From there on we set a blistering pass across the French countryside with brief forays this year into both Belgium and Spain.  Things slow down in the many mountain passes where we get to enjoy traditional mountain food which is honest, wholesome and hearty (and perfectly suited to a cold Melbourne winter!)

Strap in my intrepid armchair travellers, peruse the 2014 recipe index for the delights to follow , and if you’re game, get the saucepans out!

Jusqu’à demain,


One month to go…

Yes, my friends, on the 5th July 2014 we will start the gastronomic journey that is le Tour de France all over again.

Last year, my goal was to keep up with Gabriel Gaté as he cooked his way through le Tour on behalf of SBS (a local TV station here in Australia), trying out his recipes in my kitchen the day after his cooking segment went to air. Well, I did that already!  And while I had very little sleep and loads of fun, this year I have decided to change things up a little.

With the Tour route in hand, I have spent the last month trawling through countless recipes from France, Belgium and England in order to bring you my culinary take on le Tour de France for 2014.  This year while I will be cooking alongside le Tour, just like Gabriel, I will be making my own recipe selections each evening to showcase and bring to you all the regional specialties and gastronomic wonders le Tour has to offer.

Sure, there will be some guys riding bikes, too much lycra and the odd crazy bloke (probably an Australian) draped in a flag running up the Alpe d’Huez in speedos… but more importantly there will be food.  If last year is anything to go by, there will be food for the soul, hidden gems of simplicity that will become week night staples, and that easy celebration of seasonal produce that the French seem to have mastered. This year, I aim to bring honest, classic food from France, Belgium and England to your doorstep.  Sit back, strap in, indulge your senses and if you’re game, get in the kitchen (shhh, you know you can do it!)

Stay tuned to the blog!  Over the coming weeks I’ll begin to populate my list of upcoming recipes for le Tour 2014.  I look forward to sharing my journey with you!

À bientôt


And the ‘Dish a Day’ Challenge draws to a close…

Poached Beef with Spring Vegetables

Poached Beef with Spring Vegetables

Cucumber and Smoked Rainbow Trout Terrine
Cucumber and Smoked Rainbow Trout Terrine

Well, the final two dishes are posted for this years Taste le Tour ‘Dish a Day’  Challenge.  Thank you for sharing the journey with me, it’s been loads of fun!

I’ll be doing a round up of recipes later this week once I had the chance to recover from 21 days straight of late night cooking and 2am bed times!

In the meantime, please check out the last two recipes that we road tested from Gabriel Gaté’s Taste le Tour.  The Cucumber and Smoked Trout Terrine was surprisingly nice, while the Poached Beef with Spring Vegetables really was something special, for all its simplicity.

Check them out, let me know what you think, and I’ll see you later in the week after a well earned rest!

Au revoir!

The end is nigh…

Well my fellow foodies and (armchair) cyclists, the juggernaut that is the Tour de France winds its way to a close this evening (actually it will be very early tomorrow morning Australian time).  And with the end of the Tour comes the end of Gabriel Gaté’s Taste le Tour for 2013.  However, all is not over here at Musette du Jour…not just yet!

The second last challenge dish from Gabriel was the Cucumber and Smoked Trout Terrine (which aired last night on SBS).  I have put this one together today and safely tucked it away in the fridge (for its minimum 6 hour setting time) so, you will have to check back tomorrow for all the details, recipe and taste test.

And, at some ungodly hour this morning (I think it’s about 2am) Gabriel will be taking us through his last dish for the season, Poached Beef with Spring Vegetables.  I’ll be cooking this one up for dinner tomorrow night and I look forward to sharing the last recipe of the Tour with you.

In the meantime, I’d love to know if any of you have tried any of the recipes we’ve shared here on Musette du Jour, or which ones you have liked the most?  Drop me a line and let me know what you have liked, and what types of recipes you would like to see more of.  I’ll be doing a round up of all the Taste le Tour recipes we’ve road tested later this week and would love to work around some of your feedback!

Until tomorrow…(I’m off for a snooze before my 2am catch up with Gabriel!)