You say Perkin, I say Parkin…

IMG_4278Day Two of the Tour sees us heading from York to Sheffield.  Now, I know the obvious recipe that springs to mind is Yorkshire Pudding, but I don’t like to be too predictable!

Parkin is the English equivalent of the Cassoulet or the Pavlova in terms of a hotly contested point of origin.  In true War of the Roses style, the Parkin (or Perkin as originally known) is arguably attributed to either Yorkshire or Lancashire – depending on who you ask!

Yorkshire Parkin is a sweet and sticky cake made of treacle and oats that needs a few days to soften in airtight storage before you eat it.  What you see here is the Parkin just an hour out of the oven (my house smells amazing!).  I am interested to see how it softens up over the next few days … if you are game, get in and try it yourself!

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