Did somebody say ‘Nimes Brandade de Morue’?

Ready to serve...
Ready to serve…

So, following from earlier discoveries about the origins of this dish, today I have continued the learning curve.

It seems the core ingredients that I mentioned to you earlier are actually a more modern take on the traditional brandade recipe, and if I were bring you a recipe truly representative of Nimes cuisine, then my brandade needed to be stripped back to the bare basics.  Again, another example in the French way, of few ingredients, cooked well, doing all the talking.

So what is in a Nimes Brandade de Morue?  Well, you have the salted cod, some high quality olive oil, some milk and a few aromatics – but only if you want them.  The dish is simple, delicate in texture and only mildly fishy which surprised me a lot.  Still, a bit too fishy for me to rave about it, but tasty nonetheless.

Check out how to make it here!

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