Hmmm the Pyrenees … where even the toughest riders crack!

La Pistache Luchonnaise
La Pistache Luchonnaise

Welcome to the Pyrenees!  Today we head into the mountains on the way from Carcassonne to  Bagnères-de-Luchon and despite whatever pain the Tour riders are experiencing, my kitchen smells wonderful!

The dish today comes from the Luchon Valley, located at the foot of the mighty Pyrenees.  This is a local specialty, although it’s likely that every family has their own unique recipe – just like Maman used to make.  Whatever the tweaks, the base always seems the same: lamb, beans, ham, potatoes and carrots.

The recipe is simple.  I give you weights and volumes, but it is really a recipe you just go with – throw in what you have –  and 3 hours later your nose will let you know when the flavours have combined and the meat has yielded to become soft and melting…

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  1. Louise says:

    Wow! Looks perfect for this cold weather! (And I am loving the way you describe each dish – makes it even more tempting!)

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