Coming up tonight: Baked Gurnard with Pureed Fennel

Baked gurnard (courtesy of SBS Taste le Tour)
Baked gurnard (courtesy of SBS Taste le Tour)

Okay, well not exactly, as I had some difficulty sourcing some local gurnard so I’ll be replacing this with some local wild caught rockling fillet. I am really looking forward to this one!  I always think that we should be eating more seafood, and getting a bit more of that essential omega-3 into our diet.  This looks like a really simple and tasty way to do it!  Check back later this evening to see how it goes…

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  1. Annette Belyus says:

    I’m coming over after work! Do you have any cheese cake left over too!

  2. Carlene Foster says:

    How did the ratatouille go Mads? Sounds strange. Sweet or savory??

    1. madelyn2013 says:

      Hi Carls, it’s savoury. Interesting combination. I think I’d prefer it warm with pasta!

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