Okay, time to strap in!

Image courtesy of http://www.letour.com

Where did the last month go?  We’ve had the World Cup, Wimbledon and suddenly it seems we find ourselves on the eve of the Great Race.  It seems that for some, too much sport is never enough!  Oh well, at least I can cook my way through this one!  Are you prepared to embark on the culinary journey that is the Tour de France?

I have been busily reviewing and tweaking my list of recipes to bring you over the next 20 odd days of cycling’s oldest and some might say, grandest Tour, but now it seems it is time to commit.  No more dithering as to whether I should bring you the Steak and Ale Pie from Old Blighty or the Treacle Tart – I’ll just do both!

So, if you are not up with it already, we begin this year’s race with a brief foray into the depths of England with the starters gun (do they even use one of those?) set to ring out across the countryside of Leeds.  From Leeds we zoom past Mother Shipton’s Cave to Harrogate,  and then to Sheffield via York and finally bidding England farewell in London before it is off to enjoy the delights of Lille with a little Gaufres de Lille (Waffles of Lille).

From there on we set a blistering pass across the French countryside with brief forays this year into both Belgium and Spain.  Things slow down in the many mountain passes where we get to enjoy traditional mountain food which is honest, wholesome and hearty (and perfectly suited to a cold Melbourne winter!)

Strap in my intrepid armchair travellers, peruse the 2014 recipe index for the delights to follow , and if you’re game, get the saucepans out!

Jusqu’à demain,


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